What We Do

UCCA Elmhurst


The UCCA strives to identify those who are the most vulnerable in our community, the children and their families in our Elmhurst schools. The UCCA then provides food, resources, referrals, and services to those families. The UCCA takes great pride in the fact that over 99% of all funds collected go to feed those in need in our own community.

  • We mail grocery gift cards to each family three times each year.
  • We sponsor the Northern Illinois Food Bank's Mobile Food Pantry, inviting families to "shop" for meats, vegetables, and other groceries, as well as cleaning products three times each year.
  • We provide several boxes of food, including a holiday meal box with a turkey, as well as grocery gift cards, to each family during the holiday season.
  • We supply grocery gift cards to Elmhurst District 205 social workers for emergency distribution to families throughout the year.
  • We maintain and distribute a referral list of local agencies that provide assistance in various other ways.
  • We contribute grocery gift cards to Elmhurst seniors three times each year.

2016-2017 Accomplishments